My Main Website.

Frontend inspired by Facebook. Backend inspired by module-driven application designs, Repository Design Patterns, and Domain Driven Design Patterns. This is my main personal website. This web application is built with Laravel 8, MySQL 8, Laravel Livewire 2, Bootstrap 4, and jQuery 3. I built this web application because I wanted to have something a little more than just a developer or engineer’s profile. I wanted something that is somewhat future-proof: I could add more functionalities and scale it infinitely. Another reason for building this is for people who are interested in someone like me to find a little more than just a developer’s profile or portfolio. I wanted to give people and myself just a little more than a simple developer’s profile.

  • Client Ericson Weah
  • Service Web Application
  • Date October 2022

Build a module-driven application that is beautiful, user-friendly, responsive, and very easy to scale on all dimensions of the scale cube

  • x-axis: Cloning.
  • y-axis: Decomposing by service/functionality Challenge
  • z-axis: Splitting by data partition

UI/UX Design, Art Direction, A design is a plan or specification for art.

  1. MVC Design Patterns
  2. Module Driven Application
  3. Repository Patterns
  4. Domain-Driven Design Patterns

To have a sleek appearance, be attractive, and for easy to use for end users.

Building this web application was very interesting and exciting! I sincerely took some important precautions during the thought process before I started developing this application. I built it with scalability and module-base (or micro services in mind). So the whole application is module-driven. Almost every functionality is its own stand-alone piece of software. Each and every functionality is its own laravel package (or composer package) and/or Nodejs package or npm package.

As for the current state of the application, although it fully served its purpose I still keep building it by adding more functionalities to it, fixing issues, improving, etc. Since I built it with infinite scalability, I will keep improving and add more functionality whenever I see fit.