This Website.

This website is inspired by Plugins-Driven Application Design Patterns, WordPress Design Patterns, PHP Domain Driven Design Patterns, and Design Patterns used by developers at WooCommerce. This website is built in WordPress 6, with custom plugins, and a custom theme. The main goal for building this website is for me to have a simple website (portfolio-like website) for people who are interested in finding me can easily find me easily online and have an idea of what I do as a full-stack software engineer.

  • Client Ericson Weah
  • Service Web Application
  • Date June 2022

Build a plugin-driven application that is fast, beautiful, user-friendly, responsive, and very easy to  scale on all dimensions of the  scale cube: 

  • x-axis: Cloning
  • y-axis: Decomposing by service/functionality challenge
  • z-axis: Splitting by data partition

Plugin-driven application design patterns, and design patterns used in WordPress and by WooCommerce developers.

  1. WordPress Design Patterns
  2. Plugin Driven Application
  3. WordPress Theme Development Patterns
  4. PHP Domain-Driven Design Patterns
User Experience

To have a sleek appearance, be attractive, and for easy to use for end users.

Inspired by module-driven design patterns, plugins-driven design patterns, and PHP domain-driven design patterns, I built this Web application for myself, especially for my personal website where I present my skills and passions to whosoever is interested in who I am or what I do.

Building this website was a joy and some learning experiences. I truly enjoyed the work! I enjoyed building my own custom plugins, custom post types, custom themes, and custom templates.

Building this website increase my knowledge of the powers of WordPress and especially the power of the Elementor plugin: the all-in-one WordPress Plugin. I was so fascinated by Elementor Plugin and by the people who engineer this plugin. I was also humbled by their work.

Elementor plugin is such a very powerful tool and now I feel that with the Elementor plugin, the only limits are my imagination.